Hall Bros Ltd News Feed http://www.hallbros.co.nz Hall Bros Ltd Check out our photos from Mercy Hospital Carpark http://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/6/Check-out-our-photos-from-Mercy-Hospital-Carparkhave a look at our&nbsp;<a href="/pages/4/Gallery" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:4">Gallery</a>&nbsp;for more photos.1537099200http://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/6/Check-out-our-photos-from-Mercy-Hospital-Carparkhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz248Check out our photos from Mercy Hospital Carpark http://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/6/Check-out-our-photos-from-Mercy-Hospital-Carpark Hall Bros Transport supporting our communityhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/4/Hall-Bros-Transport-supporting-our-community<p>Awesome shout out from Brighton Pony Club&#39;s Justine Ragg<br /> <br /> &quot;As you may be aware the pony club has had issues with its tractor. With the spring grass growing every day the pressure was on us. We needed help to get our tractor going and to get the grass mown. We were lucky enough to get help from kind people who gave their time and expertise for free.</p> <p>Doug Hall of&nbsp;<a class="profileLink" href="https://www.facebook.com/Hall-Bros-Transport-104534112926372/?fref=mentions" id="js_1zv">Hall Bros Transport</a>&nbsp;came and mowed our grounds. This took considerable time and two trips and we are very grateful to him.&nbsp;The grass was up to the ponies knees in places - and if you know ponies you can understand how hard it was to use the grounds with such long grass.&quot;<br /> <br /> Hall Bros Transport doing their bit for the wider community =)</p>1508756400http://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/4/Hall-Bros-Transport-supporting-our-communityhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz112Hall Bros Transport supporting our communityhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/4/Hall-Bros-Transport-supporting-our-community New website launchhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/3/New-website-launchWelcome to our new website, we&#39;ll be updating and adding images over the next few weeks so make so you check back in from time to time to see what&#39;s been happening.1486551600http://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/3/New-website-launchhttp://www.hallbros.co.nzNew website launchhttp://www.hallbros.co.nz/news/3/New-website-launch